MV Elpida is the largest artificial wreck in Europe. She sunk on the 7th December 2019.

MV Elpida is the latest of many artificial wrecks sunk in Cyprus aimed to boost the marine eco system.

MV Elpida which means Hope when translated was a Greek commercial container vessel. She now lies upright on the seabed with a maximum depth of around 28M at the propeller. 

MV Eplida is around 70M in length and around 10M wide allowing divers a vast amount of metal to explore! The main deck of this impressive wreck is between 20 & 22M. 

There are plenty of exciting areas to visit including 3 cargo decks, accommodation quarters, bridge area complete with a replica wheel. More advanced divers can also make an great dive in to the engine room. MV Elpida is a superb wreck for most levels of divers.

Marine life on MV Elpida

Despite only being under the water for a relatively short period, the wreck has already attracted an impressive range of marine life.

 Including large shoals of breams, damsel fish and rainbow wrasse. Large shoals of Amberjacks are also frequently seen on the wreck. Inquisitive trigger fish area also seen regularly around the back of the wreck.


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