Zenobia History


In May 1980 the World Famous Zenobia was on her maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria.

As she passed Athens she began to experience steering issues that we being caused by the electronic ballast system. The vessel pumped out the excess water and the crew believed the issue was resolved.

On the 2nd of June 1980 the Zenobia reached a routine stop in Larnaca where the ballast fault reoccurred.

As the fault continued to develop it caused the Zenobia to list to 45 degrees the decision was made to to tow the vessel out of the harbor. She was towed just 1500M out of Larnaca harbor on the 5th of June the captain made the decision to remove all crew from the Vessel.

At approximately 02:30 on the morning of the 7th of June 1980 the Zenobia capsize taking her estimated £200 million worth of cargo with her to the seabed.

MV Zenobia now lies on her port side on the seabed at 42M.

This epic wreck offers something for all levels of divers from novice wreck divers who can comfortably explore the shallower external parts of the wreck. To seasoned wreck and technical divers who will be spoilt for places to explore on this iconic dive.

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