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TDI Sidemount

Key Information:

Open water diver

Minimum age: 18

Duration: 2-3 days

Student to Instructor Ratio 2:1

Price €300.00

What is the TDI Sidemount Course? 

During the TDI Sidemount course you will learn the theological knowledge and in water skills to competently execute dives in sidemount configuration to your current depth qualification.

The course will cover the following topics and skills:

Gas management, gas sharing, gas loss scenarios, equipment configuration, weighting, buoyancy and trim, problem solving and entry techniques for sidemount.

You will also learn and perfect a number of skills and routines during a minimum of 3 dives.

Once you have completed the TDI Sidemount course you will be able to plan and execute no decompression dives to your current training limitations. You can also continue onto the TDI Advanced Nitrox course.