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Malima Reef
Malima Reef

Important dive site info:

Max depth: 32M

Star Rating: *****

Diver Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Type of Dive Site: Boat

Malima reef is a deep water reef that is rarely explored by divers. As you descend into the blue down the temporary shot line you see the impressive reef come into to view.

Malima reef is a large reef running for over 200 meters there are very large rocky overhangs and gullies to explore. 

Malima reef is covered with plantation including large black soft corals and colorful soft finger corals.

Marine Life on Malima Reef Due to this site being infrequently visited has allowed marine life to flourish here. 

There are large shoals of reef fish, hundreds of puffer fish. The reef is surrounded by blue water making it the prefect site to see unexpected fish.