HMS Cricket


HMS Cricket is the most unique World War 2 Wrecks in the Mediterranean 

HMS Cricket was a World War 2 river torpedo ship.

 Once decommissioned she was anchored of the coast of Laranca. Where the RAF would use her for occasional target practice.

But 1948 during a turbulent storm HMS Cricket, broke her mooring and took on water through a whole in her hull. She now lies upside down on the seabed.

Descending down her shot line you will see the outline of this historic wreck come into sight. Once you are on top of hull you will see the distinct outline of the 3 rudders and the bow. 

Once you have explored of the external parts of the hull you can penetrate the Cricket through the large whole in her hull.

HMS Cricket is home to many varieties of marine life including large shoals of reef fish. Large groupers, and moray eels have made their home throughout the wreck. Glass fish can sometimes be seen when exploring inside HMS Cricket. 


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