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Caves & Tunnels

The most unique dive site in Cyprus

Dive Site Name: Caves & Tunnels

Type of Dive: Shore Dive, Boat Dive

Diver Level: Beginner to Intermediate  

Maximum Depth: 12 m

Diver Rating *****

Caves & Tunnels is located in the picturesque area of Cape Grecko. The dive is one of the popular dives on the Island. To enter the water there is a short adventurous walk down a rocky path. You will then enter the water from a large ledge by means of a giant stride. Once in the water you will make your descent in to 2-3 metres of water.

Dive Site Description

As you initially descend to commence your dive you will come a flat bottom with some large boulders at a depth of 3- 4 metres. You will then head straight out and follow the gentle sloping bottom contour. After around a 5 minute swim you will reach a sandy plateau. Located on this plateau is the first of three tunnels. The exit from the first can be seen in the above photo. After exiting the first swim through you will continue to the second tunnel which is around 20 metres in length. After you exit the second swim through it is just a short swim to the third swim through which is best describe as a horse shoe shaped swim through which starts under a over hang. Once you have explored all three tunnels you will swim back along a wall towards to the exit. As you approach the exit you will see a large hole in the rock face at around 3 metres . As you swim in to this hole you will be a large cave which is absolutely beautiful inside. From this cave you will make your exit through what is known locally as the blow hole

Marine life at the caves & tunnels

Although this site doesn’t have as much marine life as other sites the main attraction here is the underwater tunnels. There is still plenty of marine life including moray ells, octopus, trumpet fish, as well as bream and damsel fish. Lion fish are also regularly seen in the tunnels