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Bat Caves
Bat Caves

Important dive site info:

Max depth: 18M

Star Rating: *****

Diver Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Type of Dive Site: Boat

Diving at the Bat Caves is undoubtedly one of the most unique dives in the world!

We begin this dive by entering through a large rocky over hang at approximately 5M. Upon entering the cave system there are up to 3 individual chambers that can be explored. 

Each chamber is accessible through a single file shallow underwater channel. Once you surface in each of the chambers you will be truly astonished by what you can see!

In each of the 3 chambers you will be able to surface shallow enough to remove you regulator where you will have time to see the breathtaking rock formations and see the Cyprus fruit bats.

You can even see daylight through the cracks in the rock. Once you have explored each of the chambers we will descend back out to a scenic reef to enjoy the rest of your dive.

Marine life @ The Bat Caves

Although Marine life can be a little less than other dive sites there are still plenty of reef fish to see. The reef also makes a great home for octopus and Moray eels. 

Flying fish can also be seen on the reef.